Dave Mason SQL Server

Dave Mason is a data professional who started working with SQL Server and Oracle in 2000. Although he started his career as a developer, it didn't take him long to realize his brain was wired for set theory and three-valued predicate logic. His Oracle dreams fizzled out, but he continued working with SQL Server as an application developer. As his career progressed, he took on as many DBA tasks as he could, eventually making the transition to full time SQL Server DBA. More recently, Dave has earned the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification (2016, 2018).

When Dave is working with SQL, he enjoys 80's alternative & new wave music, energy drinks, and telecommuting. When not working with SQL, he enjoys spending time with family, reading your blog, watching the Celtics, and going to UCF football games. He's currently spending too much time thinking about Big Data and the future of the DBA.

Check out Dave's other blog, Zero To R. And feel free to connect on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.