XE Profiler - Initial Thoughts

2017-10-10 0 Comments

SSMS 17.3 was recently released. There's a raft of new items in the release. That includes "XE Profiler", which is what I want to focus on.

When you open SSMS 17.3 and navigate to the Object Explorer window, at the bottom you'll see the new "XE Profiler" node. Expand it and there are two items: "Standard" and "TSQL". Navigate back up the tree to Management, expand it, find "Extended Events", expand it, then expand "Sessions". You should also see two new Extended Events sessions: "QuickSessionStandard" and "QuickSessionTSQL".


Visual Studio: Create a Python Environment from SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services

2017-10-05 0 Comments

Dave Mason SQL Server 2017 Visual Studio Python

I'm starting to experiment with Python scripts in SQL Server 2017 using Machine Learning Services (In-Database). The problem is, I don't know Python. If I run into a Python error, the output I get from SSMS is not looking too helpful. My instincts tell me I'll be much better off developing and debugging Python code from a development tool. What I settled on was to use Visual Studio along with the Python interpreter that comes with SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services. I ran into a few issues that I'll review here.


Regular Expressions With R And T-SQL

2017-10-02 0 Comments

Dave Mason SQL Server R RegEx

Have you ever had the need to use Regular Expressions directly in SQL Server? I sometimes hear or see others refer to using RegEx in TSQL. But I always assume they're talking about the TSQL LIKE operator, because RegEx isn't natively supported. In TSQL's defence, you can get a lot of mileage out of LIKE and some clever pattern matching strings, even though it's not authentic RegEx.