SQL Server Extended Event Handling via GUI

2017-05-29 0 Comments

Dave Mason - SQL Server Event Handling: Extended Events

In some previous posts, I looked at handling Extended Events by accessing the event stream programatically. One example was a C# console app, the other was a PowerShell script. While I like both options, sometimes you just want a GUI. So I decided to create one.


Flaming Hair And The Apocalypse

2017-05-24 0 Comments

Dave Mason SQL Server - Flaming Hair And The Apocalypse

If you're a new employee in the IT world, or looking to join it, let me tell you about a scenario that is bound to happen to you. There will be times when you're approached by someone in a frenzy, their hair seemingly on fire. They'll go on to insist the world will come to an end if you don't handle some task for them immediately. As a fan of your own existence, you'll decide to help out. Far be it for you to cause the onset of the apocalypse and doom mankind. You'll drop whatever it is you're currently working on, complete the task within the mandated time frame, and maybe get a "thanks" for your efforts.


Installing Multiple Instances of SSRS

2017-05-08 9 Comments

Dave Mason SQL Server SSRS

Have you ever needed to install multiple instances of SSRS, with each instance "connected" to the same instance of the SQL Server database engine? (By "connected", I mean that the pair of [ReportServer] databases for each SSRS instance would all reside on the same instance of SQL Server. And each SSRS instance would be reporting on data from one or more databases that also resided on the same instance of SQL Server.)

To my surprise, I don't see much guidance for this scenario on the internet. TechNet has an article. It's consistently one of the first search results I get back for variations of "Install multiple instances of SSRS". That article (and a few others) omit a simple installation step/requirement that was a blind spot for me. (More on that towards the end.) I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and eventually succeeded with my task. Let's walk through the steps.