The Mount Rushmore of Lazy SQL Security

2017-03-21 0 Comments

Dave Mason - Mount Rushmore of Lazy SQL Server Security

SQL Server security can mean different things to different people. And rightly so. The first thing I always think of is authorization. And that is why I'm stepping onto my soapbox, blogging my frustration into the ether. I see four recurring security blunders that drive me nuts. The blundees (is that a word?) are seemingly oblivious. They react as if everything is fine and anyone that suggests otherwise is unreasonable. Allow me to immortalize their folly, National Memorial-style.


Big Data Processing and McKayla Maroney Face

2017-03-17 0 Comments

Dave Mason - SQL Server Big Data

I've been taking a few steps down a path that's new for me. So keep that in mind if you've been down this path too. Because you've likely traveled farther than me and the lens you look through offers more clarity than mine.


NBA League Pass - Long Term Update

2017-03-06 0 Comments

I'm a long time Celtics fan living in Florida, so I don't normally get to see them play much during the regular season. I'm relegated to the occasional matchups vs Orlando (my cable provider shows all the Magic games), plus any other games televised nationally on ESPN, NBA TV, or TNT. The rest of you vagabond fans probably face the same challenge. For the 2016-2017 NBA season, I subscribed to NBA League Pass for the first time. It hasn't been pretty.