2017-02-22 0 Comments

Dave Mason - SQL Server UnPivot RESTORE HEADERONLY Output

Today's less-than-urgent challenge was to un-pivot the output of RESTORE HEADERONLY. I thought for certain someone else, somewhere, at at some time must have wanted to do the same thing. So I asked the Twitterverse, but no one responded. I guess I'll have to make do myself without the easy button. No worries, though. We can do this!


Cannot Generate SSPI Context

2017-02-17 0 Comments

I ran into a SQL Server connectivity issue this week that was a puzzler, but (thankfully) only for a short time. Maybe my pain can be your gain. Here's a quick rundown.

I installed and configured a new instance of SQL Server. After getting appropriate firewall ports opened by the network team, everything seemed A-OK. Until I tried connecting from a remote machine. Here is what I saw from SSMS:

SQL Server - Dave Mason - Cannot Generate SSPI Context


Musical Chairs And The DBA

2017-02-16 0 Comments

Thomas LaRock wrote a blog post a couple of months ago that really irritated me. It was about the future of the DBA. My first instinct was to write a rebuttal blog post of my own. In my mind I would "throw the bullshit flag" and remind everyone that speculation is an exercise in futility. I'd insist that until his predictions start happening, he's just guessing and full of crap. Let's just say that blog post, if written, would have quickly been added to the list of really dumb things I've done in my lifetime.