Data Wrangling: Linked Servers and the DBA

2016-08-31 0 Comments

SQL Server Linked Server

In my previous post, I defended the use of linked servers for administrative purposes. Now let's look at some practical uses. The basic concept is to connect to the CMS, iterate through sys.servers, select data from the remote servers, then return the data for all linked servers as a single data set. Let's begin with an example that returns a list of databases on all of our linked server SQL instances.


In Defense Of Linked Servers

2016-08-28 0 Comments

SQL Server Linked Server

I seem to be in the minority when it comes to SQL Server linked servers. When it's another SQL Server instance on the other end, I quite like them for administrative purposes. But other SQL pros have some reservations and gripes. I've even seen the word "hate" thrown around freely.


It Takes A Village To Secure Our Data

2016-08-15 0 Comments

SQL Server Authorization

If you've ever given any consideration to IT security, you've probably heard of the layered security model. It's often explained with an onion analogy: at the center are your assets, surrounded by multiple layers (security controls) protecting them. Those assets are often your company's data in a relational database management system (RDBMS), such as SQL Server. One of the last lines of defense against unauthorized access to your data is the security configuration of the RDBMS. It is what lets the good guys in and keeps the bad guys out. This is not something to be taken lightly.


Broken Backup Chains

2016-08-11 0 Comments

SQL Server Broken Backup Chain

There are a handful of activities that have broken my SQL Server backup routines. Sometimes a DIFFERENTIAL (or LOG) backup would fail because there was no FULL backup. Other times, a LOG backup would fail because the log chain was broken. Some of those activities include: