SQL Server Event Handling: Startup

2016-06-28 0 Comments

SQL Server Startup

The startup of an instance of SQL Server is a rare event. It only happens once for the life of the database engine process (sqlservr.exe). The timing of the event makes it appealing, though. It's an ideal opportunity to run T-SQL initialization tasks or other T-SQL tasks that check various environment settings. By taking advantage of the startup event, a DBA is often able to find problems before the problems find her.


Introduction To SQL Server Event Handling

2016-06-26 0 Comments

When I think about SQL Server "events", I can't help but approach it from a developer's perspective. Consider this example of connecting to SQL Server from SSMS:


SQL Server: Rolling Your Own Alerts

2016-06-21 0 Comments

If you're familiar with SQL Server Alerts, this will probably look familiar:

SQL Server Alerts


Downloading SQL Server Express 2016

2016-06-03 2 Comments

If the Twitterverse is any indication, I'm the last SQL Server pro on the planet that hasn't tried out SQL Server 2016. Well today, that changed. Don't laugh, but I opted for SQL Server 2016 Express.