SQL Server Alerts and Conditional Responses

2016-04-28 0 Comments

SQL Server event alerts that respond by notifying operators can lead to too much noise in your email inbox. There is a built-in option to specify a number of minutes to delay between responses. For many, that setting alone is sufficient to keep the spam down to a minimum. But events may still occur during that "delay between responses" window. And SQL Server will fire alerts for them. You may not always want the response suppressed.


Migrating Team Foundation Server

2016-04-20 0 Comments

Recently, I needed to migrate TFS from one server to another. I figured there would be a few challenges, but I was wrong. There were a lot of challenges. Adding to my frustration was my inability to find an online "How To" tutorial. There were a number of resources, but many of them didn't apply to me, or their "tips" weren't able to overcome the obstacles encountered. After some trial and error, I finally worked it out. Unfortunately, I didn't take good notes as I went along. But I'll try to recount it here as best as I can. Maybe my loss (time, sanity, etc.) can be your gain.


The Intentional DBA

2016-04-12 0 Comments

Today, I watched a webinar presented by Karen Lopez (b|t) and Thomas LaRock (b|t). There was an online poll, including the question: "Are you an accidental DBA?" 75% answered yes. Since the name of the webinar was "Advanced Accidental Database Design For SQL Server 2016", that shouldn't have been a shocker. Now I wonder what the real life percentage of DBA's are of the accidental variety.


Timeless and Handy: The Microsoft Data Link File

2016-04-10 0 Comments

Recently I had the need to test connectivity to a newly installed SQL Server instance. My go-to tool for that task is a Microsoft Data Link File.


Stupid T-SQL Tricks

2016-04-05 0 Comments

You may want to banish this post to the realm of "just because you *can* do something, doesn't mean you should". Fair enough. I don't mind.


Transitioning From SQL Server Profiler To Extended Events

2016-04-03 0 Comments

My first introduction to Extended Events happened a couple of years ago when I first learned SQL Server Profiler was deprecated. I'm not sure when Microsoft made the announcement, but by the time I found out, I think it had been known for quite a while.