SQL Server Maintenance: The Overlooked Index

2016-03-21 0 Comments

SQL Server Full Text Search

Quite a lot has been written about SQL Server index maintenance. One area that doesn't get much attention is full text index maintenance. Full text indexes can suffer from fragmentation, which can lead to degraded performance. Let's look at one way to address this.


SQL Server 2016: Data Driven Event Reaction

2016-03-16 0 Comments

Did you see the Data Driven Event for SQL Server 2016 last week? I did, but I'm not sure what to think of it all. It didn't speak to me. It didn't resonate. It left me wondering:


SQL Server and Active Directory Groups

2016-03-06 0 Comments

SQL Server Active Directory Group

Windows Authentication to SQL Server for multiple people needing the same level of authorization is generally accomplished one of two ways: