My Favorite Answer

2016-02-14 0 Comments

What's my favorite answer? I know what you're thinking: "It depends." That's a great answer, but it's not my favorite (it's a close second, though). Let's go to video for the big reveal. Ellie Arroway, take it away.

I Don't Know

Hot damn! That *is* a good answer! I don't know... I'm not extolling ignorance as a virtue. But in a world seemingly full of know-it-alls, it's refreshing to hear someone have enough confidence in themselves to admit they don't know something. By itself, a single occurrence of not knowing isn't a sign of weakness. I'd argue it's a sign of strength. So to the know-it-alls of the world, I say this: let your guard down. Show some vulnerability. You might be surprised at the respect you'll receive from those around you.