Lipstick On The Pig

2015-11-15 0 Comments

Pig Cartoons Images - ClipArt Best

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of my first blog post. The look/feel of my blog site has slowly evolved. I think I'm finally using the Blogspot/Blogger template and its features appropriately 1 Working with templates reminds me so much of old school ASP (active server pages). There have been some notable enhancements and changes over the last half year (some more recent than others).

Social Media

There are new buttons for sharing on various social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Reddit). The old buttons were really small and didn't stand out. Hopefully the new ones do. I'd be thrilled if you shared some of my posts (*cough*hint*cough*).


All too often I encounter acronyms that are not explained. Or explained first, then used later in an article without making a connection between the two. Both are good at ruining the fluidity of an article and bringing momentum to a halt. There's an HTML (see what I did there?) tag designed specifically for defining an abbreviation or an acronym: <abbr>. I'll be using this with a double underline and a different font color to make acronyms stand out. Hover your mouse over one and see what you think.


I don't know if they were the first to do it, but the former website's use of pop-up footnotes was very well done. I aped their style, more or less. Click the footnote 2 If you want to. It stays out of the way of your reading until you're ready. There's no scrolling to the bottom of the article, then scrolling back up and trying to find where you left off.