SQL Server Security for Software Vendors

2015-11-23 0 Comments

As database administrators, one of the challenges we're faced with is limiting SQL Server logins and database users to appropriate permission levels. It's common to find applications that "require" elevated permissions that aren't warranted.


A SQL Server Upgrade Oversight

2015-11-17 0 Comments

SQL Server Compatibility Level

Recently I upgraded a few SQL instances to SQL 2012. One of the things I overlooked was setting databases to the current compatibility level.


Lipstick On The Pig

2015-11-15 0 Comments

Pig Cartoons Images - ClipArt Best
Image: ClipArts.co

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of my first blog post. The look/feel of my blog site has slowly evolved. I think I'm finally using the Blogspot/Blogger template and its features appropriately


SQL Server 2012 Upgrade: The RPC Server is Unavailable

2015-11-09 0 Comments

Over the weekend, I was running a SQL 2012 upgrade and encountered an issue I've not had before. The setup/install had gotten pretty far in and I thought everything was fine. But then it stopped and I got this error


Obtaining the IP Address of a SQL Server Host

2015-11-04 0 Comments

There are numerous online articles that show how to obtain the IP address of a SQL Server host. Most fall into two categories:

  1. Run ipconfig.exe via xp_cmdshell and parse the output
  2. Query DMV sys.dm_exec_connections