PASS Summit 2015: the Exhibitors

2015-10-31 0 Comments

2015 was my first time attending a PASS Summit conference. I've been to a handful of other tech conferences. So I never felt like a noob--hopefully I didn't act like one. Like many others, I went hunting for SWAG. That meant, of course, I had to visit the vendor exhibits.


Auto-Generating RESTORE DATABASE Commands

2015-10-13 0 Comments

Writing out the t-sql for a RESTORE DATABASE operation is not that big of a deal if you only do it once. But it gets tedious when you have to do it for multiple databases, or on a recurring basis, or if there are numerous transaction logs to be restored.


SQL Server: Attack Of The Clones

2015-10-02 0 Comments

Virtualization is wonderful, isn't it? Among other things, "spinning up" a new VM by cloning a preconfigured template or another existing VM is pretty cool. Installing an OS, various roles & features, and a boatload of patches & updates doesn't rank very high on the fun index. But I won't clone a VM that's a SQL host.