SQL Server Backups: I'll Take The Whole Pie, Thanks

2015-09-21 0 Comments

Way back in the SQL Server 2000 era, I was a junior developer. My company at the time had a customer with a need to schedule some executables at regular intervals. The solution was for me to write a "scheduler" application for the customer. Fortunately, before I got too far into designing and coding, someone in a developers meeting asked


Permissions of Fixed Database Roles

2015-09-16 0 Comments

Hopefully you've found your way here for the right reasons. You're the type of developer or DBA that doesn't blindly create all SQL Server logins with membership in the [sysadmin] fixed server role. And you don't normally give database users membership in the [db_owner] fixed database role, either. Right? RIGHT??? Ok, then. Let's continue...